These Alternate Game Of Thrones Season 4 Ads Are Way Better

The original ad for the new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is a little lacking in our opinion, so we thought we’d send HBO some cooler ads they are more than welcome to use.

Below is the original you’ve probably seen a 100 times.  Boring, right?

And finally, what HBO should’ve originally released.  HBO, if you’re listening, you’re welcome.

[[contentId: 2596511| alt: | style: height:796px; width:538px]]

[[contentId: 2596512| alt: | style: height:795px; width:537px]]

[[contentId: 2596513| alt: | style: height:794px; width:536px]]

[[contentId: 2596514| alt: | style: height:794px; width:536px]]

[[contentId: 2596515| alt: | style: height:792px; width:535px]]

[[contentId: 2596516| alt: | style: height:791px; width:533px]]

[[contentId: 2596517| alt: | style: height:790px; width:534px]]

[[contentId: 2596518| alt: | style: height:790px; width:533px]]

We assume the check is in the mail.  Which Game of Thrones ad is your favorite?