All Female Ghostbusters Cast For Third Film

Who ya gonna call? A bunch of ladies, that’s who. Recently Bill Murray suggested that Kristin Wiig should play a Ghostbuster – and if Bill Murray says it, then you should probably do it. Now Murray might get his wish. According to The Hollywood Reporter Katie Dippold who wrote The Heat has been hired to write a new script for the long awaited third Ghostbusters film.  Paul Feig who directed The Heat in addition to Bridesmaids will direct the new flick which comes twenty five years after the last Ghostbusters movie.

The Chinese Democracy Of Ghosbuster Films #Guns ‘N Roses Reference

Fans of the series will know that this third installment has had a long development process. With the passing of Harold Ramis and original director Ivan Reitman leaving the project the plan was to do a Ghostbusters: The Next Generation type film. Now it seems it will be a reboot altogether and not a direct sequel to the original two movies. Basically it will be like Bridesmaids but with less explosive diarrhea and more explosive ectoplasm.  

Slimer is excited for lady Ghostbusters.

If the Ghostbusters themselves are going to be women, does that mean that they will also fight a few female ghosts as well? We will have to wait to find out, so here are some sexy lady ghosts as well as Ghostbusters in order to hold you over until Ghostbusters 3 -or whatever hip name they decide to go with; ‘Busters?  Are you guys excited for the new all-female led Ghostbusters cast?

Let’s hope these gals catch these ghouls!  Am I right?

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