All About Scrotox, The Plastic Surgery For Your Boys

Scrotox. Let that word sink in for a second. If you’re starting to feel slightly uncomfortable, don’t worry. That’s normal. Scrotox – a portmanteau of “scrotum” and “botox” – is the plastic surgery procedure that involves men getting their nether region injected with a special neurotoxin. Believe it or not, the costly cosmetic procedure has become all the rage among a certain set of men who are unhappy with what’s hanging between their legs. 

For those who are willing to part with roughly $4,000, scrotox – euphemistically referred to as “scrotal relaxation” in some circles – offers a variety of benefits that certainly look good on paper: less wrinkles, less sweating, and the appearance of a larger scrotum. According to Dr. Jason Emer, a penile enhancement specialist who practices in Beverly Hills, the procedure even has practical applications for athletes.

“It’s not only cosmetic, my marathon runners and cyclists who get inner thigh rubbing and irritation from sweat, benefit from this treatment as it decreases skin burn,” Dr. Emer told Cosmetic Surgery Times.

Additionally, scrotox has been used to treat chronic scrotum pain in certain cases. A study by the American Urological Association found that out of 25 patients, 70 percent experienced a significant reduction in pain after the procedure. Scrotox was deemed “a potentially safe and viable treatment option.”

Given the ridiculous-sounding name and the general discomfort men tend to have discussing the details of their family jewels, scrotox seems easy to dismiss as a passing fad that only a few outliers might even consider. Dr. Emer begs to differ.

“I think it’s a trend that people will start hearing more about, as there is significant demand. ,” Dr. Emer opined. “I think every [man] is going to want to do this, as commonly as getting their hair cut or their teeth cleaned. Men want to feel and look good. They want to have a better sex life and feel confident being naked.”

If Dr. Emer’s prediction comes true and a wave of men suddenly start lining up for scrotox, an important question arises: does scrotox work? One intrepid man had the procedure done by Dr. John Mesa in New York City and chronicled his experience on

“As one of those ‘high and tight’ guys I had researched and discovered a procedure for scrotal relaxation,” the patient wrote. “While the results were not as satisfying as I had wished, the procedure did help a lot and may work better over time, so I will continue treatments until I get the result I am looking for.”

Avanti Derma, a male enhancement clinic based in Tijuana, Mexico, boldly advertises results that last for six months and beyond. On its website, Avanti Derma claims that Dr. Luis Casavantes “developed a technique with botulinum toxin injected into both the dartos and the cremaster, the two muscles involved in the retraction of the scrotum and the testicles; it relaxes the scrotal bag increasing its length.”

Some clinics recommend that patients undergo scrotox in conjunction with other enhancement procedures, and there are many. Penile enhancement surgery promises to increase length and girth while both flaccid and erect by injecting fat or hyaluronic acid. Scrotal enhancement can also be achieved using largely the same method and is said to be almost painless.

Other surgical options include a pubic lift, which seeks to treat so-called “hidden penis syndrome” by removing excess skin from the groin area. A dermal fat graft has the surgeon remove a small patch of skin from your buttocks and attach it to the underside of your penis, resulting in a marked increase in girth. A slew of non-surgical options exist for men who would rather not go under the knife to achieve their goals.

Men who are considering cosmetic surgery below the waist might feel ashamed, but the numbers prove that a lot of other guys are considering it, too. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery determined that the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures rose 106% from 1997 to 2012, and the number is projected to keep rising.

As ludicrous as scrotox might sound at first blush, it’s not the only odd plastic surgery procedure for men quickly growing in popularity. For example, abdominal etching allows men all the fun of a six-pack without any of the work.

Maybe scrotox will spread like wildfire, or perhaps it will fade away into the mists of plastic surgery history. One thing is certain: if women start demanding wrinkle-free balls before they decide to get down and dirty, we’ll have a scrotox provider on every street corner.