Alison Brie Lip-Syncing To Salt-N-Pepa Is Totally Worth 50 Seconds Of Your Time

Finding a woman attractive and funny equally is like finding a unicorn. It practically doesn’t exist, which makes it always a pleasure to see Alison Brie in really anything she does.

She recently was a contestant on that Lip-Sync Battle show which I have to admit, I haven’t seen one second of, but after the show posted a clip of her performance online, how could I not finally give it a few seconds of my time. Of course her singing the Salt-N-Pepa song “Shoop” really takes it to a whole new level.

The Shoop music video was one of those music videos growing up that may as well have been a full on pre-internet porno. Three women singing about how they are down for a day full of banging (essentially, that’s what it is, people) while showing off some heavy cleavage holds a special place in every young man’s heart, so it was nice to see Alison Brie of all people bring it back.

Frankly, any reason to post a video or pics of Alison Brie is a good reason.