You Won’t Believe The Title And Concept For This New Alien Movie

An amazing trailer has been released for a new horror movie that has to be seen to be believed. While there have been many good and not so good entries in the “alien invasion” genre of film, this one definitely has a unique take on the idea of a hostile alien life form taking over human’s bodies and the earth. Let me explain:

1. An Alien Spaceship Crash Lands On Earth; Boom!

2. Government Agents Chase And Shoot The Alien

3. They Spill Green Alien Blood All Over The Ground In Front Of A Nightclub and Don’t Clean It Up, #Typical

4. So There Is This Hot College Chick Who Everyone Hates

5. She Confronts One Of Her Bullies Outside The Nightclub

6. In The Scuffle Her Purse Gets Knocked To The Ground…

7. And Her Tampon Falls Out Into The Green Alien Blood…

8.Thus Moments Later When She Uses The Alien Blood Soaked Tampon…

9. She Becomes Over Taken By The Alien, And Goes  On A Rampage In  The Club

10. It’s Like Carrie Meets Heathers

11. ..Meets Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

And It Is Called… ALIEN TAMPON …wow…

Watch the crazy trailer here that they are trying to make into a feature film:

[[contentId: 2823820| | size: 75]]

12. The Alien Tampon Girl Totally Kills Everyone Who Hates Her

13. She Infects A Bunch Of Other People With Her Alien Blood

14. A Bunch Of People Start To Fight Back, Yada, Yada, Yada…

15. Very Nice

16. And Then This Happens, Wait, WTF, Ew…

Alien Tampon comes to us from Germany, the country that has also made this amazing cinematic contribution; Killer Condom. 

Killer Condom follows the story of a police detective trying to figure out why men keep losing their manhood, only to discover mutant condoms with teeth ripping off the very body part they are meant to be protecting.

I don’t think I am the only one here thinking the obvious and hoping they make Killer Condom VS Alien Tampon. For now cross your legs and watch the trailer for Killer Condom:

If really you want to make this a triple feature of potty related aliens and demons, the next film I suggest is Bad Milo.

This masterpiece of cinema follows the story of a very stressed out man who discovers that a small demon lives in his butt.

Anytime the man becomes irritated or stressed Milo escapes his intestines and murders the individual responsible for causing him stress. If you sat down and watched all three of these movies you might develop a “Bad Milo” of your own from the stress of wondering if someone will walk in on you while watching them.

What is the most disgusting, gross or just plain sickest movie you have ever seen?

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Source: Cinemablend