Experts Say They’ve Found A Charred Alien Body Amongst This Meteor Debris

Whether you’re a believer in alien life or not, people are saying that the remains of something not human were found after a meteor had landed in Yucatan, Mexico recently. The spookier part is the being was wearing what looked like various pieces of technology, including a helmet.

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Meteor crust or possible alien life?

It seems like all of the good alien movies start with something weird landing in a foreign country, away from the United States as a first hint at a terrible invasion plot to come. Florida residents, we need you now more than ever.

Yucatan is a location where a lot of meteors have fallen to earth, including the big one that is said to have killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Only this time, amongst the meteor debris something else was found. Something people are calling a “humanoid”.

Of course other officials have said that the burnt material is just the usual meteor debris but a lot of UFO conspiracy theorists believe there’s more here than just meteor crust. You can’t deny the figure shown in both photos looks like something with a head and limbs.

Check out this guy’s video investigating the “body” found at the crash site of the meteor which actually landed way back in 2013.

It looks like a lot of space rock to me, but then again, what wouldn’t look like that after being entirely burnt to a crisp.

Granted, some poor soul might have been crushed by the landing meteor but if it was human, officials would have been able to tell. So what do you guys think: Are these the possible remains of an alien or just a meteor that just happens to look like a figure?