Guy Jumps From Moving Car To Avoid Arguement With Girlfriend

In Fife, Washington a man had to take drastic action when his girlfriend wouldn’t stop arguing with him. Rather than continue the conversation, he jumped from the moving car she was driving.

We’ve all been there.

A Fife Police Department officer saw the man leap from the car, landing on the pavement. Alice Finley, the girlfriend in question, allegedly stopped the car, but then accelerated in order to shut the open car door. The officer said he could hear Finley screaming at the man as he hobbled away. This is when she really turned it up a notch.

According to the police report, Finley didn’t check for traffic and ran a red light while driving after her boyfriend. The boyfriend entered the street in order to calm her down. He tried getting in front of Finley’s car, but she wouldn’t slow down, so he had to jump out of the way before she ran him over. In his final attempt to calm her down, the boyfriend dove through the passenger window and back into the vehicle. He then fought for control of the steering wheel as his feet dangled out of the passenger window.

The window was already down, so it wasn’t a sweet crash-through-a-car-window scene, but still. It’s a pretty amazing moment. It’s a shame the officer didn’t follow the boyfriend’s lead and dive through the windshield himself.

After the officer repeatedly asked Finely to turn off her engine, he dragged her from the car.

She was charged on three counts: eluding the police, assault on a police officer (as she was being dragged out of the car), and resisting arrest. The boyfriend walked away unharmed and without being charged, but we’re sure he suffered one major headache.

What exactly the couple was arguing about we just don’t know. But we hope it was worth it (it probably wasn’t).

Of course this isn’t the first time a boyfriend had to do something drastic to get away from his girlfriend. In December, a man leaped to his death in a mall to avoid more Christmas shopping with his significant other. Now that’s rough.


source: Komo News