Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves Just Gave Fans An Update On ‘Bill & Ted 3’

Fans have been clamoring for another Bill & Ted movie for a long, long time. Instead, Hollywood decided that we needed a never-ending stream of “Saw” movies and a library of Tyler Perry movies with titles that no one can remember at gunpoint. Alex Winter, the writer, director and actor who played Bill in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey had some excellent news for the fans at the South by Southwest Festival.

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Winter is in Austin to promote a documentary he directed called Deep Web about the infamous Silk Road black marketplace that was basically the Costco of the web if Costco also sold heavy duty narcotics. Naturally, the question of a third “Bill & Ted” movie came up during interviews and he said he’s “very close” to donning a backwards cap and playing air guitar on the big screen with Keanu Reeves once again.

Winter is still very close friends with Reeves ever since the pair first played Bill & Ted back in 1989 and while he’s focused his career on his documentary work (a genre reeves himself has also directed with 2012’s Side By Side documentary), he’s still very interested in bringing the fans a third Bill & Ted movie. This time, he said that the third film is “just about there,” which in Hollywood speak means “production is still five years away or it will just never happen.”

I think I speak for every child of the 90s when I say that we’d love to see Bill & Ted go on another “Excellent Adventure” but we’d also understand if it doesn’t happen because of Hollywood’s fickleness and uncaring attitude towards films and their fans. I would just be happy to know that we’re not about to get another damn “Saw” movie.

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source: SXSW