Hero Jeopardy Contestant Tricked Alex Trebek Into Saying “Turd Ferguson” On Air

Shut down the internet, we’ve found a winner.

Jeopardy contestant Talia Lavin may have lost Final Jeopardy but she took home the gold by tricking host Alex Trebek into saying the iconically dumb fake name “Turd Ferguson” live on Jeopardy and there wasn’t a damn thing the show could do about it.

Check out the hilarious moment here:

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The name which was first said by “Burt Reynolds” aka Norm MacDonald on Saturday Night Live‘s Celebrity Jeopardy, who’s main goal was to get Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek to utter the name, has never been said by the real Alex Trebek until today. And Fusion caught up with the young hero that finally pulled it off to ask her about the momentous occasion.

Talia is just a regular ole gal who flew out to LA to be on Jeopardy for a mid-August taping, and said she came up with the Final Jeopardy answer right after the final question was asked. She said she knew she had lost and wanted to make a joke out of her answer, but thought “F The Police” and “Suck It, Trebek” would “shame her family” and ultimately not make it to air. Of course, creativity is sometimes at its best when you have constraints which is what led to the answer “Turd Ferguson”. Beautiful.

Apparently there’s a moment after the show when the contestants get to speak with Trebek and he asked Talia who Turd Ferguson was. Talia had to remind Trebek of the name from Saturday Night Live but Trebek played dumb saying he hadn’t watched any of them in a long time and it just didn’t ring a bell. Fair enough, but Turd Ferguson is a name ingrained in pop culture’s Mount Rushmore of silly names so maybe Trebek just didn’t want to admit defeat. Her certainly knows what a turd is at least, and totally said it on air. A first for Jeopardy I’m sure.

Well done, Talia. So f*cking well done.