Someone Created A Vulgar Font That Combines Everything Filthy In 26 Letters

If there’s a font you should definitely never use to put in a work email, it’s this one right here. Created by graphic designer Alex Merto, the font pretty much has anything a filthy, vulgar font could ever need including buttholes, penis’, vajay’s and even furries. That’s right, F is for Furries, folks. Long story short, this font titled “Effing” doesn’t disappoint.

Check out the full display below.

Some of these are even so filthy, I don’t know what they are! The Letter N is confusing and the letter I, well, is that a penis with herpes? Good Lord. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to download the font for the time being, but that’s not to say you won’t be able to soon. I’m sure if this gets enough attention, Merto will make it available for use. Perverts.

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source: Design Taxi