$21 Million In Cocaine Was Found In A Banana Shipment At An ALDI

The grocery store ALDI always makes me think of where your grandma would prefer to buy her groceries. It’s much smaller than a Wal-Mart…and it’s an ALDI. But regardless of their reputation, ALDI just got some some headlines because a shipment of bananas from Colombia also contained roughly $21 million dollars worth of cocaine. Sounds like the beginning of a Seth Rogen comedy. Of course he’s the manager and Sofia Vergara would be the Drug Lord turned ALDI District Manager.

With this particular ALDI located in Berlin, a spokesman for the police said “There was a logistical mistake made somewhere along the line.” You think? Might be the understatement of the week, fella. But the weirder part is this particular ALDI has seen this type of “logistical mistake” before. In 2014, another Colombian shipment also had the added bonus of cocaine contained within the bananas, weighing at 140kg.

“Booger Sugar cleanup on aisle 7.”

What’s funny is the spokesman for the police, Stefan Redlich made a similar statement in 2014, saying “A drug gang has made a logistical mistake somewhere.” Your story is getting a little redundant there, Stefan. I don’t know how the police handle their business in Berlin, but if a grocery store accidentally received a shipment of cocaine not once, but twice and that was the police’s response, something smells a little fishy and it’s not the cod on sale for $5 a pound.

The police are still “investigating” the huge error. Also no word if the bananas sold from the cocaine shipment are making people feel extra energetic because of any possible added ingredients.

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source: SMH