This Bar Will Seriously Get You Drunk Just By Breathing The Air

Tired of the pain stakingly long task of walking into a bar, waiting in line for a drink, waiting to be called on to place your order and then getting your drink just to be pumped into so half of it gets spilled everywhere? Me too. The other option however that scientists Bompas and Parr have created sounds a little bit dangerous but has us intrigued because they’ve ruled out the task of swallowing anything altogether. Instead, you breathe in the booze because it has all been turned into a vapor cloud that you simply walk into.

If getting drunk makes you feel like you’re floating on air, this is one way to make that term more literal.

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The pop up walk-in cloud bar called Alcoholic Architecture is made with humidifiers that turn the booze into a delicious cloud with humidity set at 140 percent. That way you can not only inhale the booze, but also soak it up through your pores and eyeballs. Oh good, I was wondering when I could have booze enter through my eyes without me doing it myself.

Unfortunately the bar is only located in London, launching on July 31st but maybe that’s a good thing. It’ll probably be less than a week for someone to get alcohol poisoning just by standing still in this place for five minutes. That’s just my old man brain talking. The young person in me says give me a raincoat and 45 minutes! Wee-hoo!

Luckily the creators of this bar know what they’re up against so are allowing people to only spend 1 hour in their cloud bar while wearing protective gear so their clothes don’t get damaged. But, if you’re not into just standing with your head in the clouds in order to get drunk, the bar will also offer booze by the glass. Personally, I’ll try the cloud because I like to be as lazy as possible when I’m getting drunk.