Texas Theater To Screen “Team America” In Place Of “The Interview”

Since Sony has decided to cancel not just theatrical release plans for the Seth Rogen, James Franco comedy “The Interview,” but possibly ANY release plans for the film including Video on Demand and DVD, a movie theater in Dallas, Texas has come up with a plan to not let the North Korean cyber terrorists completely win. You may remember a puppet sex featuring film from the creators of South Park that put the America in the phrase “America! Fuck Yeah!”

Freedom isn’t free, but The Interview might be if hackers release it.

Back in 2004 when current North Korean “guy who can’t take a joke” Kim Jong Un’s dad- Kim Jong Il was the dictator Trey Parker and Matt Stone did what they do best and had a puppet version of the little despot singing silly songs as The World Police try to stop his terrorist plot. This is a perfect film to play in response to the current North Korean threat. Hopefully his son is just as lonely:

We’re just trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation,” creative manager and programmer James Wallace of the Alamo Drafthouse told reporters. Which is unfortunate as thousands of theaters across the US will have to scramble to replace The Interview which was slated for a big Christmas Day opening.

What’s great about dictatorships… is that they don’t understand how capitalism works. By making a huge deal out of this film, giving it loads of free publicity, and getting it CANCLED is only going to make us “capitalist pigs” want to see it more and be willing to pay more money to see it.

Hey Trey Parker, time for Team America: World Police 2!

Alamo Drafthouse  is a favorite of cinefiles and previously made the internet rounds for its video documenting how it deals with people who use their cell phone while watching a movie in their theater. If this theater can deal with North Korea the way they deal with people who text in a movie, America wins:

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As their patriotic duty as Americans I encourage everyone in Dallas to go to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on Christmas, light a big spliff of freedom and do their best Seth Rogen chuckle; huh-huh-huh while watching some puppets get plowed for America!

And what is more American than metal? Here is the Team America World Police theme song metal cover:

UPDATE: The Alamo Drafthouse has been forced to cancel plans to screen Team America: World Police! A spokesperson for the theater said they canceled the December 27th screening “due to the studio pulling the film. This was not our decision and was completely out of our control.”

North Korea strikes again. At this point North Korea is winning the war on silly movies with dick jokes being shown in America.


Source: Hollywood Reporter

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