Alabama Teacher’s Blackface Kanye West Costume Didn’t Go Over So Well

A Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a good ol’ fashioned racist costume. Thanks to Heath Morrow, a fifth grade teacher from Alabama, we have our first one for the season.

Morrow’s wife, Shannon, posted the picture of the two of them in costume on Facebook. She was in a black T shirt and a pair of tight pants with an exaggerated, padded butt to make her look like Kim Kardashian while he dressed as Kanye West with jeans, blazer, gold chain, baseball cap, and a sign that said “Kanye For Prez 2020.” Oh yeah, he was in full blackface as well.

The couple was immediately criticized for his costume because, well, it’s racist. To make matters even more ignorant, his wife commented, “Haha some people thought Heath was really a black man.” 

The photo has since been taken down or made private from Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Shannon told New York Daily News, “I didn’t know dressing up as a celebrity couple would cause so much controversy.”

“There was no malicious intent in this costume,” she continued. “It’s for HALLOWEEN, the one time a year it is okay. Some of my husband’s best friends are black. There was no racial intent whatsoever.” She really needed to stop talking a long time ago.

So I guess to her, Halloween is a time when it’s okay to be racist and that since her husband has black friends, it’s okay to just paint your face black and be a bigot. Nice try, Shannon. There is no such thing as a “Get yourself out of a racist act” card. Stop trying to make it happen.

Did she really think the Heath’s costume had no racial intent when he literally painted himself a different race for a Halloween costume? Did she not learn anything from all the other white people that did it before him? Plus, Kanye wouldn’t be caught dead in a tacky outfit like that.

It seems that Heath is a little more eloquent and apologetic than his wife. After the photo was released and caused an uproar, he released the following apology:

To whom this may concern:

I would like to first apologize for my error in judgment. My intentions were not malicious or directed toward any certain group of people. I would also like to say that everyone who knows my character and knows my heart, knows that I have never seen color in my life. I wasn’t raised or taught that way and do not raise my children that way. I see people for who they are, and my wife and I go out of our way to help anyone we can in my profession as an educator. When deciding to dress up for a Halloween party, my wife and I made a decision based on celebrities and the political climate today. I do not want this to reflect on my school or school system based on my poor decision that I made. Again I apologize and this will not happen again.


Heath Morrow

We have about five days until Halloween. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last time we’ll hear an apology for an ignorant costume. Heath just set the standard for the quality of the apology.

Source: NY Daily News