What Really Happened Behind The Internet’s Most Legendary Leprechaun Sighting

This week, Movies on Break is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with “Leprechaun Week” by featuring the most classic Leprechaun franchise of all; The horror Leprechaun series featuring the classic sequel Leprechaun in Space. Nice.

But before you get your celebrations in order and start to watching the sweet Leprechaun kills our site has to offer, let’s take a look back at the most legendary Leprechaun sighting the world has everk known. It was 11 years ago this month when an infamous news report aired on the NBC affiliate station WPMI-TV regarding crowds beginning to swarm in a community of Crichton, located in Mobile, Alabama. The police were being called out because of the strange gathering, and the news station felt compelled to check in to see what was going on. By the time they got there, the community had hatched a story that would make their town famous.

Why did the townspeople of Crichton decide to tell news cameras they had seen a Leprechaun? The simple answer is to make the news because why the hell not. There have been numerous television specials and documentaries regarding mythological creatures such as Loch Ness and Sasquatch so it’s no surprise that we wouldn’t also mind pondering the great mystery of the lesser believeable creatures such as the Leprechaun. Only in this case, an entire town said they saw a leprechaun. Usually it’s one or two single accounts a year, not an entire population talking about how they saw a Leprechaun in a tree.

The anchorman in the news clip, Scott Walker, told his story as to what happened during the infamous Leprechaun sighting. Originally the story had aired the night before, but it was the following morning’s broadcast of the same story that eventually went viral.

“It was covered as a real news story… at first. We heard reports of large crowds gathering in the Crichton community and police were being called out. We didn’t know WHY they were gathering. The way I remember it, we weren’t going out there to cover a Leprechaun sighting (that would have been a questionable decision). We were going out there to see why such large crowds were causing problems in the neighborhood. When our crew arrived, things sort of snowballed. People were looking up at a tree and saying there was a Leprechaun in it. We started shooting video and that’s when the people of Crichton took over and turned this story into an Internet sensation.”

The cameras went down there to cover a disturbance of some kind, but over the course of filming, the joke had increased. Joke or not, the station had to air the footage because you know what’s an important news story that no other station in the country has? A Leprechaun sighting. Not even CNN has something that important, as insane as it sounds.

But my biggest question is who drew the initial Leprechaun sketch? With the news report reaching over 24 million views since it’s March 17th 2006 upload, the sketch itself almost supersedes the video having been printed on tshirts and eventually sold on Ebay for almost $1,000 for charity. So who drew it?

A man by the name of Shun Q. Thomas spoke to the news recently and revealed that it was his sister who originally drew the now famous Leprechaun sketch we all know and love. This year, Shun himself has updated the sketch with a painting, depicting a clearer visual of the Leprechaun who he continues to claim makes appearances in Crichton every so often.

If I saw that mustached face appearing in a tree, I’d probably call the police too.

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source: Elite Daily, Al.com