Al Bundy Challenged CM Punk To A UFC Fight

Recently, CM Punk had announced that he’ll turn his back on WWE in order to persue UFC fighting. If you’re into the WWE or UFC, this must be really exciting news for you and it seems everyone in the world had their opinions on this, only Ed O’Neill of all people wanted to make a different comment on the situation altogether; Let’s Rock.

Posing as Al Bundy with his signature relaxed hand move, here’s what Ed O’Neill posted to his Twitter page in true Bundy fashion.

Now we’re talkin’!

If you’re wondering why Al Bundy is wearing a martial arts outfit in the name of UFC, well it’s because he has a jiu-jitsu black belt. Long story short, O’Neill is officially a bad ass. So I guess the guy could actually pose a threat to Punk even though he’s over 30 years older than the wrestler turned fighter. Regardless, just take my money now. Or at the very least, this would make for one perfect Married With Children episode.

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source: Uproxx