A Serial Pooper Is On The Runs In Ohio

A city in Ohio has a “Mad Pooper” on its hands. Hopefully, police can catch him before that stops being just a metaphorical fact.

Police in Akron, Ohio said that an unidentified man has been traversing neighborhoods in search of the best cars for him to poop on and we’re not talking about flinging clever insults at them. But the tables have finally turned after a heroic man caught the serial pooper, literally with his pants down, by taking a picture with his phone. It’s like finally capturing an image of Sasquatch less than 1000 feet away. The suspect even stared right into the camera giving police a full glimpse of his face and his “weapon of choice.”

This photo couldn’t be any more perfect.

So far, police have identified at least 19 cars on which the “Mad Pooper” has pooped since 2012. They recently got a break in the case when one of the victims who had been hit six times by the poop flinger set up a hidden camera aimed at his daughter’s car.

Akron Police officials said they are now working to identify the man in the video and hopefully finally bring an end to his foul crime spree. Police officials released the photo in the hopes that someone might be able to identify the “poopitrator.” They are warning the public not to approach him if they see him or his ass and should consider both to be armed and dangerous.

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source: The Week