Fight Over Man-Purse Gets Plane Passenger Tasered

Let this serve as a lesson to any and all airline passengers who want to start something over a man purse.  It’s not worth it.  Your man purse needs to be checked if staff says to check it.  Sadly for one man at London’s Gatwick Airport, this was not the case. 

The passenger was flying EasyJet, a budget airline that will crawl up your ass with a measuring tape to ensure every single thing you’ve packed meets precise size requirements so their cheap ass plane can get off the ground.  This also means they limit passengers to one piece of carry on luggage and it needs to meet size requirements before you carry it on in the first place.  But this passenger was not having anyone question the man purse he was carrying and, after arguing with terminal staff, proceeded onto the plane where he argued some more.  He apparently considered one bag carry on and the man purse some kind of divine right of kings or some such, but not carry on.

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Questioned about his man purse, the man became increasingly belligerent and loud to the point that police had to be called.  Imagine how angry you have to be over a purse for someone to decide police need to be called in.  This was one serious purse-loving dude.

Police asked Pursey McGee to leave the plane so they could chat and that didn’t work out well at all.  And because there’s no need to put up with a stubborn man purse owner for an extensive period of time, he was informed his other option was to be Tasered, and then they totally Tasered him.

Man Purse was arrested on a breach of peace charge and the entire airplane had to be interviewed by police as witnesses, which caused the flight to be a couple of hours late.  And of course that’s inconvenient, but everyone on that plane got to see a guy get Tasered in a fight with cops over whether or not a man purse qualified as carryon luggage, and that’s a memory you can’t put a price on. 

The UK seems to have issues with unruly passengers needing a good Tasering for silly ass reasons when you consider the same thing happened in 2013, on yet another EasyJet flight, when a 52 year old man get plastered, then got naked and challenged the pilot to a fight.

The naked fellow pissed on the side of the airport Terminal and tried to throw down on the pilot before police had to taser him and drag him off to wherever the English put their naked, drunken lunatics.   The best part?  There’s video!

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Ahh.  Who wants to go on a budget flight?