Airbus Files Patent For Hypersonic Jet: Can Fly From NYC To London In 1 Hour

The promise of supersonic commercial air travel was made with the famed Concord; the jet that could fly twice the speed of sound and get from New York to Paris in about four hours. However the Concord stopped flying in 2003. Now airplane manufacturer Airbus has filed a patent for a plane that could fly twice as fast as the Concord at 4.5 times the speed of sound, getting you from New York City to London in just one hour. You wouldn’t even be able to watch a feature length movie in that amount of time.

You could have breakfast in NYC, lunch in London and Dinner in NYC again all in the same day.

It takes a conventional airliner seven to eight hour to make it across the Atlantic. Airbus, who owns the company that used to produce the Concord, wants to slash that time for world travelers. Flying at 4.5 Mach the new “ultra- rapid air vehicle” would also be able to fly from Paris to San Francisco in just three hours. It will all make sense if you just take a look at the schematics laid out in the patent application, here in Figure 6.

The airplane will use turbojets and a rocket motor mounted in the rear to lift off and climb vertically (like a space shuttle). Pretty cool.  Deepak Gupta from Patent Yogi lays out the exciting parts of the supersonic patent in detail in this video.

Would you fly in the ultra- supersonic jet?

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Source: The Verge