Air France Lays Off Thousands: Workers Storm Meeting And Strip Executives

The French know how to throw a protest. This summer angry taxi drivers in Paris torched and burned Uber cars who they felt were unfairly taking away their business. Now union workers at Air France have given executives for that company a bit of turbulence. Vive la Revolution!

You are not getting your peanuts any time soon.

In response to thousands of job cuts, workers stormed a gate at Air France headquarters near the Charles de Gaulle airport and burst into a meeting room of top executives who were discussing “Plan B” – a way to “reduce company costs” AKA cut 2,900 jobs. Several executives had their shirts ripped off and had to be escorted out of the building by security personnel, past an additional angry mob outside.  The French really hate it when you take their bread.

Or this is just the new Fall look from Paris Fashion Week.

Human relations and labor relations chief Xavier Broseta can been seen sans shirt as he runs from the building and hops a fence, getting away from the crowd who I assume is chanting “off with his head.”

However Air France CEO Frederic Gagey had left the meeting shortly before the wall was breached. Negotiations with labor organizers for pilots and cabin crew had recently broken down and workers were already angry at the time of the layoffs. In addition to the job cuts the airline will be selling off 14 aircraft. My question is, how does this not happen all the time?



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Source: Metro UK