After Hearing Scratching, Man Finds Giant Rat Stuck In Hotel Toilet

There are some images you cannot un-see. For a man trying to get a goodnight’s sleep at a hotel recently, we suspect that the below image will be staying with him for a while. While rats have recently made a name for themselves for their love of New York City pizza slices and finding a nice warm place to die in a Subway sandwich, one rat caused a disturbance of a different sort. He clogged a toilet with his body. That, or this guy really needs to lay off the late night food trucks; whatever he ate caused his poo to grow legs and fur. Gross.

A user on Imgur, Ceceb posted the picture he says his uncle took recently. The unnamed uncle was staying at a hotel when he heard scratching noises coming from the bathroom as he tried to sleep. He went to investigate and found that the scratching was inside the toilet. That is when he found an enormous rat stuck right in the hole. I am only thankful that this guy didn’t try to pinch one off in the middle of the night without seeing the rat first. THE HORROR of what could have transpired to his twig and berries!

If this wasn’t so disgusting and terrifying, I would almost feel bad for the rat. This poor little guy Winnie The Pooh’d himself in the commode. Oh bother.

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Source: Mandatory