Screw Nike, Affordable ‘Back To The Future Part II’ Shoes Are Now Available

Just in time for Halloween, a company has figured out a way to bypass Nike’s licensing and create their own Back to the Future power laced sneakers that we all dreamed of having as a kid since watching the 1989 sequel. Aside from the Hoverboard of course.

For only $99 bucks, you can own a wearable replica of those same shoes that, yes, even light up. Not only will you look cool, but can find your car keys in the dark as well! That’s pretty affordable considering the pair Nike made in 2011 were were auctioned for literally thousands of dollars. Ehhh, I’m good on that. For only $99, I’m okay not having the Nike logo.

I mean the shoes must be pretty legit because it does come with the Back to the Future II logo on the packaging which had to have been approved by the studio, unlike most Halloween costumes that are clearly some sort of ripoff.

Sold through Halloween, the product (of course) is currently unavailable but you can submit your email as a reminder for when they are ready for purchase. I know I will. Especially since they’ll be collectors items worth much more than $99 in a few years. Good luck!

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source: Geekolgie