'Mike Tyson Mysteries' Looks Like The Greatest Cartoon Ever

Designed with what looks like leftover Scooby-Doo backdrops and characters, the new Adult Swim show Mike Tyson Mysteries looks nothing short of amazing. Produced by Hugh Davidson (Robot Chicken), and starring Mike Tyson as Tyson, Rachel Ramras as Tyson's adopted Korean daughter, Jim Rash (Community) as the Ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury and Norm MacDonald (what I'm most excited about) as the wise-cracking pigeon, this show might be my top choice on what to watch this fall.  Just to re-iterate...his sidekick is a pigeon.

If you're still skeptical, check out the trailer which premiered at Comic-Con here.

Here's the show's synopsis in case the trailer needs a bit more explanation: "In Mike Tyson Mysteries, a new half-hour animated adult comedy series, Mike Tyson is taking the fight from the boxing ring to the streets ... by solving mysteries! Aided by the Mike Tyson Mystery Team - the Ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury, Mike's adopted Korean daughter, and a pigeon who was once a man - Mike Tyson will answer any plea sent to him. If you have a problem that needs solving, Iron Mike is in your corner. The series incorporates live-action appearances featuring Mighty Mike himself, and the gloves come off as the former heavyweight champ and his team gear up for weekly adventures as they put unsolved mysteries down for the count."

The trailer also gives me faith in TV animation again, after a trend of what looks like copy and paste cartoon shows. Sure, Archer and Adventure Time are fun, but animation these days has become so lazy, they almost appear as if computer programmers are doing the work instead of real animators. What would Chuck Jones say, people? Thankfully, Mike Tyson Mysteries looks as if it's going back to some animated roots with that Hanna-Barbera style which I can really get into. The background plates in some of these scenes almost look hand painted. Well done, Adult Swim.

Unfortunately there is no set premiere date other than sometime in the Fall.