Find Out How Adam Sandler Got Revenge After He Was Fired From ‘SNL’

When Adam Sandler was finally let go from Saturday Night Live in 1995 (the same year Chris Farley left), he was more than a little bitter about the situation. After bringing memorable characters, even to this day, like Oper Man, Canteen Boy, and Cajun Man to the show, what a great thank you to have received. So when Sandler’s manager told the Billy Madison star that Conan O’ Brien’s show on NBC at the time was having sweep’s week and would like Sandler to be a guest, Sandler was more than a little confused. He was just fired from NBC! Why the hell would you want him back to pump ratings? Nevertheless, Sandler didn’t want to do the appearance unless there was one major stipulation.

Curious what today’s equivelant of a fax machine demand would be. Maybe a Google Glass? Regardless, it’s hilarious that that’s all Sandler genuinely wanted and even more hilarious that he barely used it afterward. Fun fact: Billy Madison was the 65th highest grossing film of 1995. Tommy Boy was 54th. Batman Forever was 2nd.

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