How Did This Woman Get The New ‘Man VS. Food’ Show Pulled From Air?

Meet Amber Sarah. Amber runs a blog where she gives herself the title fat activist, which she takes very seriously. So don’t you dare cross her path, especially if you’re Adam Richman with a new Man VS. Food-esque show titled Man Finds Food.

Recently, Adam posted on his instagram account a picture of the latest in his pursuit to lose weight. This is nothing new seeing as he’s been losing weight for a while after being the poster boy for health issues due to overreating because of his previous eating challenge show. Which is why he’s hosting a show about finding food, not inhaling it.  So hey, good for Adam, he’s making some healthy choices in his life and sharing the results. In fact he’s lost 70 lbs so far!  I dig it.  Amber and her friends did not.  Can you spot the problem in Adam’s post?  Neither could I.

You can’t really tell in this above image, but Adam is stretching out his old pants to show how much weight he lost. So she and her friends replied to this photo, specifically because of #Thinspiration as its hashtag.

Apparently the hashtag #Thinspiration has a negative meaning. I personally had zero clue until looking it up, but frankly it sounds positive, despite how other people want to interpret the word. The negative connotations are that it inspires eating disorders in some parts of the internet. In my mind, it’s two words combined and that’s about it. So who knows, maybe Adam didn’t know of the hashtag’s other meaning either?  But Amber and her crew felt like pointing it out to Adam and he was pretty honest with his reaction. 

Unfortunately her actual comment isn’t available, only Adam’s reply so take THAT for what it’s worth.

“Do I Look Like I Give A F*ck”, Adam wrote.

Oh no.  We have lift-off. Adam started having it out with Amber and her anti-thinspiration clan and didn’t hold back the punches. Unfortunately, we’re limited to finding the original comments and only Adam’s replies from this Instragram argument, so take it for what it’s worth yet again.

Adam has got quite the tolerance when it comes to his Instagram commentors.  I think “Oh eat a bag of shit, dummy” is probably my favorite.  I know he’s no George Clooney on the fame-scale, but you gotta know this won’t bode well for your career.  But then again, he’s got the right to reply to whomever, however he wants on his own Instagram account.  Then again, his employers don’t have to stand by it either.

He later released a quick apology to try to diffuse the situation. Adam wrote: “I’ve long struggled with my body image and have worked very hard to achieve a healthy weight. I’m incredibly sorry to everyone I’ve hurt.” But the Travel Channel said too little, too late.

So Man Finds Food has been pulled from the network’s schedule.  The Travel Channel has not confirmed Adam’s remarks are the reason why the show was suddenly pulled but I think we can all make an educated guess on that one. “Travel Channel is postponing the July 2 series premiere of ‘Man Finds Food,’” a spokesperson said in a statement.

So let this be a lesson to all of you when it comes to arguing over the internet. There are really no winners, especially when you’re in the public eye.  For now American Grilled has taken over Man Finds Food‘s time slot Wednesdays at 9PM.

You can read Amber’s side of this whole thing from her personal blog HERE

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source: Washington Post