Adam Levine Hit In Face With Sugar While Signing Autographs

Adam Levine, lead singer for the band Maroon 5 was headed into the television studio for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night when he stopped to sign some autographs for his adoring public. One person however wasn’t such a fan as they smacked The Voice judge right in his dumb mouth with some powdered sugar.

Who wants cookies?

The sweet assailant was apprehended by security personal until police arrived and arrested the trouble maker. The motivation behind the attack wasn’t completely clear, but perhaps he just doesn’t like lame pop rock? Levine, who looked pretty pissed, continued into the studio for his performance. Wonder if they will play their hit song “Sugar?” You can watch video of him getting smacked with sugar here:

Do you think this was real or a good old Jimmy Kimmel prank?

Here is Kim Kardashian getting pelted with flour:

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And who could forget Tom Cruise getting squirted with water?

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Source: People