Some Guy Spent Over $116,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Madonna (PHOTO)

Getting plastic surgery to look like a celebrity seems like such a waste of money. You’re just copying someone else’s look that eventually will go out of style instead of trying to create one that’s unique to you. Just ask the last living octogenarian who had a bowl of fruit grafted to their head to complete their permanent Carmen Miranda look.

Lifelong Madonna fan Adam Guerra, however, has taken it to a new, insane level.

Guerra has spent more than $116,000 on 18 plastic surgeries to alter his appearance to look more like the young 80’s Madonna and he’s not anywhere near done with his transformation. He’s planning on getting another surgery to alter the shape of his buttocks. Of course, he now works as a Madonna impersonator and plans on doing a world tour pretending to be Madonna or what looks more like a Madonna that someone left in the washer on hot instead of cold.

His bizarre addiction has not only earned him fans in the drag queen community but also an entire episode on the TLC series “My Strange Addiction,” which really just certifies his crazy badge.

Dedicating so much time and money to becoming the Material Girl has put a strain on parts of his life such as his relationship with his boyfriend who he said is “doing his best to accept it.” Frankly, we wouldn’t even try if we were in his shoes. Have you seen Madonna these days? This is where your boyfriend is headed, my friend.

Plus, if this guy starts taking British accent lessons, the boyfriend might start running as fast as he can in any available direction.

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source: Mirror