Activist Drops 80K Copies of “The Interview” From Balloons Into North Korea

You would think that when air dropping from balloons anti Kim Jung Un propaganda into North Korea one would have to craft a lengthy explanation of why America kicks ass in order to break the brainwashing hold the regime has on its people. Turns out, you just have to show North Koreans a movie depicting Westerners enjoying modern conveniences like hot showers and eating food.


While outside pop culture is illegal in North Korea, one activist, North Korean defector Lee Min-bok knew the perfect film his former countrymen needed to see in order to learn the truth about their bleak existence and how good we have it outside the “Hermit Kingdom” by comparison. 

Lee Min-bok tries to sit through The Interview but would rather go back to a North Korean prison.

While he says The Interview was “vulgar” and not very funny, its depiction of Kim Jung Un as a “man and not a God” seen crying and frightened in the film, is a powerful message to North Koreans.  

Longest Netflix delivery ever.

That’s why in the middle of the night he took a truck load of 80 thousand copies of the raunchy Seth Rogen movie that the regime sees as an “act of terror” to the North / South Korean border.

It’s like the movie Up but with more crimes against humanity.

There, he launched them via balloons which will time release dropping their payload so hopefully North Koreans will be able to see a less than flattering depiction of the leader they worship. While average North Koreans are starving and in prison camps, while leader Kim Jong Un enjoys an extravagant lifestyle which includes an all-female “pleasure squad.” Hopefully at least a few North Koreans get to see The Interview if not for the LOLs, maybe the film will actually spark a revolution.

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Source: CNN