AC/DC Drummer Arrested In Murder For Hire Plot

Fans of Australian rock and roll legends AC/DC are thunderstruck today by the news that long time drummer Phil Rudd has been arrested and charged with some serious crimes. The stick man is accused of hiring a hit man to kill two as yet unidentified men.Who did he want dead? Police raided Rudd’s home on Wednesday in New Zealand after the dirty deed was done sometime between September 25th and 26th. No word on if the hit man was going to use some T.N.T. Dynamite!

Phil Rudd in court. He wanted someone to shoot to thrill.

The band released a statement in reaction to the news, but when you read it, in your head read it in singer Brian Johnson’s gravelly voice;

“We’ve only become aware of Phil’s arrest as the news was breaking. We have no further comment. Phil’s absence will not affect the release of our new album Rock or Bust and upcoming tour next year.”

Way to plug the new album, no press is bad press I guess. Fans noticed that Rudd was absent from a recent publicity photo for the band and failed to appear in two video shoots for the upcoming album (even though he did play drums on the recordings). Maybe he was on the outs with the band and he wanted to fire his guns. Guilty or not this story will be sure to only add to the legend of AC/DC. Sounds like his bandmates plan on touring without him. If he’s acquitted maybe Rudd will be.. back in black.  

However If guilty, even though murder for hire is a terrible crime, you have to admit; Phil Rudd’s got big balls, he’s got the biggest balls of them all!

AC/DC without Rudd. Perhaps moneytalks?

Even if you are not a fan, and have never heard of Phil Rudd, you have heard AC/DC’s music as it is pretty much the law that every other movie trailer plays one of their songs.  What’s crazy about this story is if you think about how successful a musician Rudd is. He played drums on the second highest selling rock album of all time. What would it take for him to risk it all to have someone murdered? Maybe the guys he wanted killed… shook him all night long?

Maybe he’ll make a… jailbreak.

While the group is mounting a new album and tour, sadly they also had to recently part with founding guitarist Malcom Young due to health issues. Best of luck to the rest of the guys in the band.. for those about to rock- we salute you! 

It’s a long way to the top. OK, I’m done.

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