6 Absurd Holiday Albums That Hypothetically Shouldn't Exist

- Todd Spence (twitter)



"Okay, so Alvin and the Chipmunks are popular...what else we got?"  "Crickets?" "Perfect!"  Nothing will make Santa want to jump off a roof more than this noise.





Welp.  That exists.





I wonder what a Taco Bell album would sound like.  This album doesn't belong in the fireplace because it's Colonel Sanders singing some Christmas tunes--it's because it ISN'T Colonel Sanders singing Christmas tunes.  In fact, it's all a bunch of covers by random people.  Screw that noise, I want the Colonel!





Yeesh.  This album is kind of awesome in theory, but once you start listening to the first track, you'll want to stab your ear with a candy cane.






At first, you hear the music and you think "Okay, this can't be too bad." But then John Travolta starts singing.  Why didn't I see that coming.





Hard to not like a Christmas record from Rudy Ray Moore, a comedian/musican from the 1970's known as being one of the first foul-mouthed comedians. This album is so absurd, you can't help but listen to it all the way through.  Grandma will surely love it.