6 Absurd Holiday Albums That Hypothetically Shouldn’t Exist

– Todd Spence (twitter)



“Okay, so Alvin and the Chipmunks are popular…what else we got?”  “Crickets?” “Perfect!”  Nothing will make Santa want to jump off a roof more than this noise.




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Welp.  That exists.




[[contentId: 2555280| | style: height:427px; width:427px]]


I wonder what a Taco Bell album would sound like.  This album doesn’t belong in the fireplace because it’s Colonel Sanders singing some Christmas tunes–it’s because it ISN’T Colonel Sanders singing Christmas tunes.  In fact, it’s all a bunch of covers by random people.  Screw that noise, I want the Colonel!




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Yeesh.  This album is kind of awesome in theory, but once you start listening to the first track, you’ll want to stab your ear with a candy cane.





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At first, you hear the music and you think “Okay, this can’t be too bad.” But then John Travolta starts singing.  Why didn’t I see that coming.




[[contentId: 2555283| | style: height:400px; width:400px]]


Hard to not like a Christmas record from Rudy Ray Moore, a comedian/musican from the 1970’s known as being one of the first foul-mouthed comedians. This album is so absurd, you can’t help but listen to it all the way through.  Grandma will surely love it.