A Reminder Of What Was Lost On 9/11

Mark-Potts by Mark-Potts on Sep. 11, 2013

The following clips were created by StoryCorps, a nonprofit dedicated to recording the stories of Americans all over the country. You can hear these online, on their weekly NPR show, or at the American Folklife Center in the Library of Congress. One of their missions is to record a story in honor of every life lost on 9/11. Since 2005, they've recorded over 1,100 interviews.

What we lost that day were people. Mothers, fathers. Brothers and sisters. Children. Husbands. Wives. And no matter what your politics are or how you feel about what happened after this day, please, keep this in mind because this is what's important.

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I am from Canada, and I remember "that day", as I was a High-riser window cleaner then, working in Downtown Toronto... I watched all of Downtown clear out, and turn into a ghost town, as Toronto was in fear of something similar happening to it's city... People thought I was crazy as I kept working, as I had a job to do, and to get it done, as I did not know the full scale of what was, and had happened that day. Around 4 PM, I called it a day, and there was a small pub in the building I was cleaning the windows on, and I went in for a beer, before going home. That's when I saw the footage.. and it took my breath away.. I was dazed and confused.. How could these terrorists do such a horrible thing to all o those innocent people... My heart thoughts and prayers go out to all of those south of the border that where affected on that tragic day.. These story's where tear jerkers.... From a Canadian, I am saddened by this event, and I will always Remember that fateful day...

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Before everyone keeps fighting... Just look at what happened that day and then ask yourself if fighting now has gotten anyone any further.. 

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I can't watch these. They are just too heartbreaking.

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Fuck them who took these people from us.  I dont know one of these people who lost someone in this attack, but I'd give my life to get their life back.

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Well done Break, thanks for letting us know about this project, and as the comment says, it was People what we all lost. Well done.

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Please stop with the conspiracy theories. Our government did not "allow" this to happen. It was a horrible act executed by extremists in the name of religion. Why do you feel it's necessary to fill in the blanks? And yes, something this horrible changes things and takes away freedoms. That's just how the world works. It doesn't mean it was planned that way. You should get to know some people that work in public service and you will find out that politicians, although not always the smartest, are not out there trying to kill their own people. It's a horrible negative way of thinking and it's toxic. If you really want to help change the world, help expose what we know is the root cause of these heinous acts. The blind faith in an invisible deity that is commanding it's servants to destroy the non believers.

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So why isn't Israel and the US being held responsible for this heinous crime they committed? 


Break really sucks today.

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You're killing me Smalls! Right in the feelings factory.

Voy Nich
Voy Nich

jerry read and lesten to jessy ventura and others like him & u'll see !!!

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How exactly have any of you idiots have specifically lost any of our rights, or "civil liberties".  Are you kidding me?  Go ahead, how have you really been impacted?  Quit your crying you asshats.

Jeryl Roller
Jeryl Roller

Are you guys stupid or just crazy Kaspar and Joseph I suppose you are a muslim Justin

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I must be confused.When I watch cartoons, they usually make me laugh.Instead, I feel like crying.

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What was lost on 911? Or privacy, our rights, our ability to defer war based on national consensus. Quick someone wave a flag and call me anti american. I am not anti American, I love my country, but 911 was allowed to happen so we could push all this policy such as the patriot act. Anyone who thinks otherwise has little grasp of the situation. We can sit there and sensationalize the loss of life, feel sorry for ourselves and feel that we must never let this happen again. That is part of the manipulation. No one wants to ask why it happened, and if you think it is because a bunch of people in the middle east hate our freedom you are a moron. No one especially wants to ask why it was allowed to happen. It's a sad day to remember how twisted our world has become. War is peace. Lies are truth. Orwell really had it down.

Mikey Greene
Mikey Greene

people it happened over 12 years ago and we know it happened don't have to keep reminding us every year much appreciated


no one also seems to remember citizens losing their freedom

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Awesome blog post.  People need to stop being suck fuckers towards each other and realize what's important.

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What random said.:-(