A Mountain Lion Was Hiding Under A House And Wouldn’t Leave

Workers installing a security system into a home were probably a little less secure than they had hoped when they came face to face with a wild mountain lion roaming freely under a home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. One of the owners of the house, Paula Archinaco said;

“One worker came sprinting to through our house, white-faced, shouting, ‘There’s a mountain lion under your house!”

I’d be lion if I said I wouldn’t have crapped my pants.

At first homeowner Jason Archinaco didn’t believe the workman that there was a lion. He told reporters;

“I didn’t think for two seconds that it was a mountain lion in my house. If someone says Big Foot’s in your house, you go, ‘Yeah,’ and you stick your head in there!”

Home owner Jason Archinaco knows this is probably not the only “Cougar” in LA.

Good thing for Jason he was able to pull his head back out. The big cat was in the crawl space and wasn’t coming out. Officials are already aware of this mountain lion known as “P22” who lives in nearby Griffith Park and was already tagged by wildlife experts.   

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“More like a human is living on my mountain.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department and California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Animal Control all battled through the night to try and get the mountain lion to leave the house. This included shooting bean bags and tennis balls at the big fella before eventually pulling out a classic animal expert move – they poked the cat with a stick.


Damn, this mountain lion didn’t even get pulled over by the cops.

They had no luck getting old P22 to move so the wildlife officials packed it in for the night hoping that if everyone left him alone he might just wonder out on his own. And it worked! By Tuesday morning the mountain lion was gone from the home… and back in its “home” – a public park near the iconic Hollywood sign. So who is down for a jog in Griffith Park today?

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Source: LA Times