Subway’s Chicken Isn’t All Chicken And You Won’t Believe The Other Ingredients

According to a recent CBC Marketplace investigation, Subway’s signature chicken sandwiches contain only fifty percent chicken. Based on the taste of Subway’s chicken sandwiches, we can only assume that the other fifty percent is the following.


Subway chicken sandwiches are salty and I’m not talking “a pinch of salt to help with taste” salty, I mean the chicken that they use to make their sandwiches were fathered by a salt lick in a salt mine and then raised by the saltiest sailors to ever sail the Earth’s salt water oceans. I guess what I’m saying is, it wouldn’t surprise me if these brine encrusted Subway chicken sandwiches where at least a few percent salt.

Old Tires

If you’ve ever bitten into a tire before, you’ve basically experienced what it’s like to eat a Subway chicken sandwich. The chicken meat is tough, rugged, hard to chew, and it’s probably been dropped on the ground more than once. I once ate a piece of tire on a dare in high school and somehow, that experience was better than eating a Subway chicken sandwich.

Old Jared Fogle store displays

Jared Scott Fogle was Subway’s spokesperson for nearly a decade. He championed the “Subway sandwich diet” where he ate a Subway sandwich for every meal and lost over 200 pounds. In a completely expected twist, he was arrested and jailed in 2015 for paying to have sex with a minor and Subway has done everything they can to distance themselves from him. In the time that Jared was the Subway spokesman, they printed a lot of posters, life size cut outs and coupons with Fogle’s face proudly highlighted. If the Subway’s chicken sandwiches weird taste is any indication, they probably contain about ten percent shredded Jared Fogle store displays.

Grade A Chicken

Once in a blue moon, I’ll bite into a Subway chicken sandwich and taste a hint of delicious chicken. I don’t know how it got in there, but sometimes, it you’re lucky, it’s there. Just be aware that you’ll have to eat a lot of shredded Jared Fogle store displays and old tires to taste a microscopic hint of sweet “Grade A” chicken.


According to the CBC’s investigation, Subway chicken sandwiches contain about fifty percent soy. According to Subway, they contain about one percent soy. We know there is some soy in these sandwiches and like all soy, it’s pretty disgusting.