A “Firenado” Made Of Jim Beam Bourbon Happened On A Kentucky Lake: Whoa!

Writers for the SyFy channel movies might want to get a pen and paper ready because we have their next hit idea. The guy from the weather channel actually referred to this thing as a “firenado” … because look at the frickin footage! It was a tornado made of fire! Firenado!

It all happened when the harsh weather destroyed a warehouse in Kentucky which was storing the iconic Jim Beam bourbon. The warehouse was hit by lightning, setting it ablaze and sending over 800,000 gallons of the booze into a stream which then flowed into a nearby lake. Which sounds incredible, you could go swimming in the lake and get hammered!

The fire from the warehouse caused the booze to light on fire. Then a tornado came through the area sucking of the flaming water and creating a tall inferno of hell fire.

Is this the “lake of fire” grandma was always screaming about?

While this looked insanely awesome, unfortunately it also set lots of trees on fire. The Jim Beam company was even fined $70,000 to help with the cleanup of the booze infested lake and creek where some fish died from the fire. So if you go fishing in that lake, can you catch bourbon soaked fish? Maybe some are already cooked from the flames just waiting to be found.  That sounds mazing.

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Source: Daily Mail