A Father's Last Gift To His Daughters

Earlier this year, while recovering from a double lung transplant, Fred Evans found out he had cancer. However, due to the medication he was taking to ensure his body didn't reject his new organs, he was unable to treat his cancer with chemotherapy.

The doctors gave Fred months to live. With that in mind, he wanted to do one final thing for his two unmarried daughters.

With the help of his son, Daniel, third daughter, Martha, and Karla, his wife, Fred brought his daughters to their church under the pretense that he was going to do something special for their mother. When they arrived, Fred was in a tuxedo. He said he wanted to walk them down the aisle and bless their future weddings just in case he wasn't there the day they got married.

But Fred wasn't done. He announced there was one more bride: Karla. He wanted to renew their vows, promising to love one another until death do them part.

On July 25, 2013, months later, Fred passed away.

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