A Computer Convinced People It Was A Human 13 Year Old Boy!

If you talk to 13-Year-Old Ukrainian boys online, don’t worry it’s not the FEDS, it’s just an artificial intelligence.

This weekend during a competition, a computer program passed The Turing Test convincing judges chatting with it, that it was a human, 13- year-old boy. Chris Hansen immediately came out and told the judges to “have a seat over there.”

This illustrates wrong choices on many levels.

The Turing Test is a concept that was developed 65 years ago by inventor Alan Turing who surmised that a true test for artificial intelligence will be when people having a conversation with a machine are unable to tell the difference as to if it is actually a human. Since then many programmers have attempted to create computers and chatbot programs in an effort to pass the Turing Test.

Finding out you’re a robot who thinks it’s a human sucks, but not as much as watching Terminator: Salvation.

The passing of the Turing Test has always been considered to be a huge goal and milestone in the development of AI. A second computing milestone has already been achieved emulating teenage behavior since now “Eugene” has stopped talking to his creators and just wants to be left alone so he can play an RPG for several hours.

How long until we get to sweet talk Scarlet Johansson while rocking a sweet mustache?

This year at the 2014 Turing Test event while competing against five other teams, the Russian made program told judges that its name was Eugene Goostman, a 13- year old Ukrainian boy. In order to pass the test a computer must convince people at least 30 percent of the time that it is human; “Eugene” convinced judges 33 percent of the time. However some are saying that Eugene’s programmers cheated the test by having the program pretend to be a 13 year old whose second language is English- thus making a plausible excuse for any clunky wording or knowledge gaps. Although, who is to say that computers have to be super smart? There are plenty of biological humans who might not pass The Turing Test.

Chris Hansen doesn’t care if you if you chat with “Romona.”

You probably won’t confuse your conversation with Siri for that of a real person when you ask her for “movie times” and she asks “You want to buy moldy limes?” However, some chat-bots are getting pretty convincing. The makers of “Eugene Goostman” have made him- it available to talk to at this link; although you might have to wait a bit with everyone wanting to chat him up right now.  For now this Chat Bot Ramona is of age and fun to chat with, but don’t try to “cyber” with her.  

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