UPDATED: A Car Chase With Shots Fired In DC

Break.com Staff by Break.com Staff on Oct. 03, 2013

The US Capitol is currently on lockdown after a woman with a child in her car went on a crazy car chase.

It started when she tried to pass a barricade into the White House. When she couldn't get through, she started driving erratically and police chased her.

Officers fired and the chase ended when the woman's car crashed near the Capitol. The woman died from the gunshot wounds. Two officers were also wounded.




Trevor-Mantel-389 User

your country is messed  up. why pull a weapon on a woman and a child... deal with it like decent human beings and consider her situation. your greedy ass country stopped over a 1,000,000 jobs, shut down your government and you don't expect people to get a little crazy. 

stuminator User

Did the crazy biatch have a child in the car?  She was probably on her cell phone the whole time, totally unaware of what was going on.

RiotSt4rt3r User

Whooo Whooo, all aboard the miss-information express.

Anthony-Aquilla-891 User

The real question here is... Which Congressman does the 1 yr old belong to?!?!

Smokey_Bear User

Shoot first ask questions later, only in the UK.

ceprn User

why not shoot the driver as soon as she started moving?


@Trevor-Mantel-389 Obviously you're ignorant to your own country's problem, all countries have problems so please worry about fixing your own first just like USA doesn't.

synweb77 User

@Trevor-Mantel-389 No reason to pull a weapon on a woman who is trying to run over and KILL innocent people let alone the police that are attempting to stop her rampage?  The child was put in harms way by her mother.  Good riddance.  

 What does my "greedy ass country" have to do with you?  Ohh wait, your pathetic ass country is receiving less of a hand out from my "greedy ass country" due to the shut down.  

motorboat17 User

@Trevor-Mantel-389 She easily could've killed people with how she was driving. And she jumped out of the car and ran, leaving her child behind. Doesn't really seem like she cared too much about her kid. She didn't deserve to die, obviously, however it would've been entirely avoided if she just stopped and didn't keep trying to run away from police and endangering her child. Fault is on her, not the police.

D1M1T User

@synweb77 @Trevor-Mantel-389 please can you be specific and tell us which countries is america giving hands out to right now? you know that this is 100% bullshit,right? and please dont even mention syria. youll just ridicule yourself

D1M1T User

@synweb77 @Trevor-Mantel-389 and the "all countries are pathetic except america" argument has got to stop. there are countries way more rich, way more beatiful and way more free. i pity your ignorance and your meaningless patriotism