99 Beer Pack Now Available For Those Of You That Have Completely Given Up

I like beer as much as the next guy, but this is insane. And beautiful. For a limited time only, Austin Beerworks is offering this 99 beer case for $99 dollars filled with their Peacemaker “Anytime Ale”. Unfortunately, we’re gonna need a bigger boat to carry this thing around.

I got 99 beers but a Coors ain’t one.

I do love me some ale beer and for the complete novelty of it would totally get my hands on one of these things. But the problem now after getting your beer-guzzlin’ appetite all riled up, the makers of this fine product are telling us they’ve only made 20 and don’t even know where they will be available yet. Safe to assume though if you don’t live in Texas, you’re stuck with that boring old 24 pack from the local 7-11.

On their twitter page, they’ve informed their ready-to-get-drunk followers that “The 99 packs will be delivered this Thursday. We’ll post when and where as it happens. We’ll make more, but for now there’s only 20.”

Regardless if you can get your hands on one or not, I’m impressed that a local brewery nailed this idea before any of the bigger beer franchises. And of course it was one from Texas. Which reminds me, I really need to visit Austin again. They really know how to get a guy drunk in the best way possible.

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Source: Gizmodo