90 Year Old Florida Man Arrested For Feeding The Homeless

Today in Florida we go to sunny Fort Lauderdale where a 90 year old man named Arnold Abbott was arrested for serving food to homeless people. What an asshole. Abbot along with two other volunteers from his church were taken into police custody earlier this week when they violated a new local law that bans the distribution of food to the homeless in public places. Does that mean you can still give out free food, but only to people who have homes?

Low down dirty bastard gave out Meatballs on “Meatless Mondays.”

Abbot was shocked when police officers stopped him from preparing meals for the needy. He told the  local news that he was treated like a criminal for doing the good works;

“One of the police officers came over and said ‘Drop that plate right now,’ as if I was carrying a weapon,” Abbott said.

One of his criminal accomplices, church pastor Wayne Black also said that;

“We believe very strongly that Jesus taught us that we are to feed his sheep.”  

Animals! When will this crime wave stop. Abbot and his group “Love Thy Neighbor” have fed homeless in Fort Lauderdale for the past twenty three years. This isn’t the first time his criminal organization has been met with the heavy hand of justice. In 1999 Abbot sued the city after they banned him from passing out food on the beach. This latest crack down on handing out free food to the homeless won’t stop the persistence of Abbot who vows to continue his criminal activities… and plans to continue giving out food to the homeless. Some people will never learn.

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The mayor sesponded by saying; “”Just because of media attention we don’t stop enforcing the law,” said Seiler. “We enforce the laws here in Fort Lauderdale.”

That reminds me of a game you can play in Florida where you go to the bank and get a roll of quarters and walk around with it until a homeless person asks you for a quarter. Then show them your roll and say “no.”

Back in May we told you of a similar story involving a couple who were arrested for feeding the homeless in a Daytona, Florida park. Apparently Florida thinks hungry humans are the same as pigeons; if you feed them they are just going to keep coming back for more.

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What do you think, should the city of Fort Lauderdale leave Abbot and similar volunteers alone so they can feed people in need? Or do you agree with the city and  feeding the homeless creates a public nuisance?

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