9 Ways Super Fans Have Snuck Into The Super Bowl & Special Events!

With Super Bowl 50 tickets costing upwards of $5,000 you might want to use one of these amazingly simple suggestions on how to sneak into an event!

1. Go In Late


User: Tea_and_Chocolate 

2. Dress Like You Belong

User: Saxophunk

3. The Ice Guy Trick

User: WhiteGrapeGames

4. Pretend You Work There

User: professor_longhair 

5. Pretend You Are A Member OF The Press

User: Hotrock3

6. Sleep In The Venue Over Night

User: MindCorrupt

7.  Just Walk In Behind Other People

Two fans from Ireland walked into Super Bowl 49 and ended up sitting in seats worth $25K a piece.

Source: Fox Sports 

8.  Enter The Super Bowl With The Team

Dion Rich who claims to have snuck into at least 30 Super Bowl games.

Source: Contra Costa Times

9. Tunnel Your Way In!

Source: Buzzfeed 

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