9 Passive Aggressive Personalized Father’s Day Gifts For Special Dads

Father’s Day is Sunday and if you are like most kids these days you are probably scrambling last minute to find something good to get for the man who gave you life, put food in your mouth and gave you a place to sleep your first 18 to 37 years.  While some people may perceive this holiday to be just another commercialized Hallmark abomination, it originally began for a much more sincere reason: there already was a Mother’s Day and they didn’t want to leave Dads out. In fact Mother’s Day was established as a national US holiday in 1914, but Father’s day wasn’t made a permanent holiday until Old Dick Nixon signed it into law in 1972. That’s almost 60 years of leaving dad out in the cold, so you had better get your pops something he won’t completely hate or at least will wait until you leave to throw in his junk draw. 

To help you be clearer about your repressed feelings, we have gone ahead and cataloged 9 Father’s Day gifts that will better help you communicate with that special Dad in your life. And what better way than to engrave those cutesy personalized gifts you can buy on the internet to sort of show you sort of care more than you really do?  So head on over to Café Press, Things Remembered or just take an old tie and scribble your love for pops all over it!

The Restful Pillow

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Baseball Bat Of Opportunity

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Apron Of New Beginnings

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Time For Me

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Dad’s Glass Is Always Half Full

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Christmas Ornament Of Truth

[[contentId: 2623001| alt: | style: height:553px; width:600px]]

Picture Box Of Our Shared Memories

[[contentId: 2623002| alt: | style: height:498px; width:492px]]

Golf Clubs Feel The Love

[[contentId: 2623003| alt: | style: height:600px; width:600px]]

A Helpful Gift For Dad

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