9 Metal Versions Of Lady Gaga Songs! – Metal Monday

For today’s Metal Monday I am going to take a look at the first name that comes to mind when you think brutal, heavy metal music: Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga just won a Golden Globe for her role as a vampire in the latest season of “American Horror Story: Hotel.” The whole show feels like something out of a Rob Zombie music video and is pretty metal.

I always thought Lady Gaga was secretly Marylyn Manson in a dress.

All you Lady Gaga fans know that she took her stage name in part from a Queen song named “Radio Gaga.” While Queen is pretty rock ‘n roll, you will be surprised to learn that slightly heavier bands have taken to covering Gaga’s tunes. If you’re like me you hear most pop songs as metal in your head anyway. Now you can enjoy the musical stylings of Lady Gaga and still be brutal. In fact I would argue that some of these Gaga songs make some pretty excellent metal!

Bet you didn’t know Gaga could shred?

One track in particular has been covered to varying degrees of brutality in several different metal subgenres. For some reason Gaga’s first big hit, the 2008 single “Just Dance” is a popular song to turn into metal. My favorite is probably this first one by the band Surrender The Dance Floor, which is yours?

1. “Just Dance” (Screamo version) by Surrender The Dance Floor

 2. “Just Dance” (Hardcore version) By Eternal September

3. “Just Dance” (Thrash metal version) by Deloney

4. “Just Dance” (Death Metal version) by Cryptic Affection

Here are some more Lady Gaga songs turned into metal.

5. “Telephone” (First few moments are not metal, but then this gets crazy.)

6. “Poker Face” (Death Metal version)

7. “Poker Face” by Leo Moracchioli

8. “Alejandro” by Helia 

9. “Applause” by Sovereign King

What other Lady Gaga songs would you want to hear as metal?

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