9 Hilarious Drunk Cooking Videos

You’ve searched the web for comical cat videos countless times, but some of the most entertaining videos come when you watch the eccentric things drunk people do. When drunk people cook, things can easily get out of hand, but for onlookers, it’s simply amusing. Check out these hilarious drunk cooking videos, listed in no particular order.

1. My Drunk Kitchen, Ep. 7

There are no words to describe this video. Funny. Hilarious. Entertaining. All these words come close, but none really hit it right on the nose. Hannah Hart keeps your attention throughout the entire video with her witty comments and fun personality as she attempts to teach you how to make tacos. What you’re really watching, however, is how she gets progressively drunker, and it’s simply entertaining. The best part about this video is that it comes with even more episodes! Check out Hannah Hart’s Youtube channel for more My Drunk Kitchen videos.

2. Drunk Cooking With Chef Chaz, Episode 1

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Hannah Hart isn’t the only one on YouTube who enjoys cooking drunk. Chef Chaz also likes to fill up on a few shots before preparing his meals. He works on cooking pancakes and omelets with his brother, and as drunk as they are, it’s surprising that they can still crack an egg one-handed.

They then take things even farther, taking off their clothes (don’t worry, you don’t see anything), fighting about how to cook eggs, and even experiencing a bit of passing out and vomiting. In this video, these brothers are probably the most drunk people on the entire list, making the watch even more worth it. Through all of this, you actually learn a bit of cooking! Check out more Chef Chaz videos at CookingWithChaz’s Youtube channel.

3. Asian Stir Fry (Drunken Cooking Ep. #3)

If you thought you’d had enough of the drunk chef series, we’re far from finished. Lauren Murrell takes on drunk cooking in her Asian stir fry episode, although you’ll find more hilarious kitchen fun at DrunkenCooking’s Youtube channel. While the chefs in this show don’t get quite as drunk as the brothers in the Chef Chaz videos, they still manage to have some pretty funny moments while still teaching you how to make stir fry and giving tips.

4. 2 Drunk Guys Cooking: Episode One, Part One: Manly Meatball Marinara


Not only do you learn how to make great meatballs in this video, but you have fun learning how to cook. These guys work great together and make you laugh as they slowly lower their inhibitions and have a great time. You’ll notice familiar references and enjoy their silliness, laughing along as you journey through their drunken night with them. Just like all the other great chefs on the list, these guys have a fun Youtube channel of their own at 2DrunkGuysCooking.

5. My Drunk Kitchen Tribute by Kayla Laquinto

There are numerous “My Drunk Kitchen Tribute” videos to watch on your laptop out there, paying tribute to Hannah Hart’s show, but the girls in Kayla Laquinto’s video make the top for the most hilarious of the tributes. They prepare their mac and cheese by first getting some wine in their system, and continue on with hilarious fun that you can’t help but giggle at.

6. Drunk cooking~ Nacho Pizza

The off comments that these ladies make in their nacho pizza video is enough to make you laugh. They start their video out drunk, so you don’t get to see how much they actually drink, but it’s certainly quite a bit. They’re obviously having a great time singing to the “Wicked” soundtrack and making pizza, and you can’t help but enjoy the silly things that the chefs do while drunk. Laugh, sing, and cook along with them in this entertaining cooking adventure.

7. My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 6: Brunch?

We’ve already put a My Drunk Kitchen episode on the list, but as the top drunk chef (who has even been featured on CBSNews.com, where you’ll find another hilarious drunk cooking video), Hannah Hart deserves at least two episodes on the list. Her sixth episode has nearly two million hits and features our favorite meal of the day: brunch.

Hannah is by far the best drunk chef, with comments that we can’t help but laugh at, such as, “To assure maximum pancake ability, we bought some pancake mix. Egg. Oil. Milk…What the f***! This is just like making pancakes from scratch. They should call pancake mix ‘Flour baking power-by-the-way-you’re-still-making-pancakes-from-scratch-so-don’t-think-you-got-out-of-that-one-Sucker’.” And that is why we love this girl so much that she deserves more than one video on the list.

8. Drunk Cooking 101

The best part about the Drunk Cooking 101 video is that the drunk chef actually gives you tips on how to cook drunk. The most important part: always control your knife. While things don’t get too out of hand here, the chef does make a few silly comments, and the video is short and funny, so you don’t have to sit around long to enjoy watching a drunk man prepare french fries.

9. My Drunk Kitchen (Birthday Tribute)

In this video, Jared Nunn decides that baking a cake while drunk would be the best birthday present for his friend Rachel. Obviously with a bit of alcohol in his system, Jared has fun cooking a chocolate cake, and you can have fun watching him. This guy is so funny that you can’t help but watch him and laugh, entertained at nearly everything he says. He certainly has the entertainment aspect of his drunk encounters down.

Whether you like the more laid-back drunk tutorials or the simply off-the-wall wasted cooking episodes, each of these videos will have you laughing and preparing for your own night of drunken cooking.