81-Year-Old Man Calls 911 For Groceries

Normally when you read a story on Break about someone calling 911 to make a strange, special request they either want emergency services to buy them beer, report a “shooting” in Grand Theft Auto  or just want to ask the 911 operator out on a date.

So when I heard that an elderly man called 911 to ask if someone could deliver him some groceries, I thought “here we go.” However, this story turns out to be both sad, and heartwarming. An 81-year-old army veteran recovering from cancer treatment returned home to a completely empty refrigerator and had no way of getting food. So he called 911.

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Clarence Blackmon of Fayetteville, North Carolina came home to his apartment and realized that there was no food in the home. With no family nearby to help him, and wheelchair bound, he had no choice but to call 911. After all, if he had no way of getting food, that sounds like an emergency to me!

Luckily Clarence was on the phone with 911 dispatcher Marilyn Hinson who says she has been hungry herself and couldn’t stand to let someone go hungry. She began taking down his shopping list including a head of cabbage, two bananas, a can of beets and a can of green beans, tomato juice, three Pepsis, processed ham and, his favorite snack, popcorn. She even helped make him a few ham sandwiches.

While some might say she was just doing her job, she could have easily made him call social services, or passed him off as a prank call. Hinson and two local police officers personally delivered the groceries to Clarence who was very thankful.

Luckily he is soon getting a personal nurse to help him out around the house.

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Source: Washington Post