800 Pound Man Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering A Pizza

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wanted to gorge yourself on pizza so much that you were willing to put your life in jeopardy? Just slather the world in little tubs of that Papa Johns garlic sauce and say ‘fuck it?’ Sadly for one man in Rhode Island this daily struggle was an all too frightening reality. 33-year-old Steven Assanti was morbidly obese, weighing an estimated 800 pounds. That sure is a lot of stuffed crust pizzas.

Not the slice he is looking for.

Several months ago he checked himself into the Rhode Island Hospital in a weight loss program and it seemed that he was finally getting the help he needed. The goal was for him to get down to 550 pounds at the hospital in order to safely receive gastric bypass surgery. In the time he was there he lost 20 pounds. This reminds me of an old Jerry Seinfeld joke; “A 1000 pound man lost 200 pounds and was down to 800. ‘Lookin’ prettaaaay good!”

They put pineapple on his pizza didn’t they?

However the progress he made was thrown out the window recently when Assanti violated the prescribed diet plan for him and he ordered a pizza to his hospital room. Not sure what type of pizza he ordered but it must have been one of those filthy Dominos monstrosities like a Bacon Cheeseburger Shrimp Ice Cream Buffalo Ranch Pizza. That’s because when his takeout food no-no was discovered he was promptly kicked out of the hospital. Damn… I really hope they didn’t screw up his pizza order.

Hopefully he got some cheesy bread sticks with it.

Not sure how this is going to help him. He was there for what you might call “food rehab” and he fell off the double reinforced wagon. Assanti says “It’s an addiction and I realize that. It’s a disease.”

Assanti now weighs in at a trim 778 but his family is worried that if he moves in back home he will continue is old eating habits. To try and combat this, his father has loaded him into the back of his SUV and is driving around until he can find a facility that will take his son. Thus far, they have not been able to find a place, although one hospital seems promising that they intend on visiting soon. Hopefully there are no Shakey’s nearby. Shakey’s will ruin a man of any weight.

That Pizza Hut ordering app is really quick and easy to use.

On the one hand this story could have a potentially sad outcome; on the other these extremely obese people are always really impressive. I make one too many trips to the Ponderosa buffet line and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. The fact that his body is able to handle all of this weight without simply giving up is sort of an achievement!

Do you think it was fair for the hospital to kick him out like that?

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Source: Turn To 10