Top 5 Worst Drunk Drivers Caught On Camera

As the late great comedian Sam Kinison once said; it’s not that we want to drink and drive. It’s just that there is no other way to get the car back to the house. “How are we supposed to get home, man?!” In reality you have no excuse. Sam was also killed by a drunk driver after he went sober, so who says irony is dead? The vast amount of dash cam videos that we watch here at Break will remind you all of the reasons not to drink and drive. So sit back from the safety of your computer and be thankful you are not involved in any way with these drunk drivers caught on camera!

1. Drunk Woman Found Passed Out In Her Car In Middle Of The Highway

[[contentId: 2839018| | size: 75]]

2. Drunk Driver Smashes Into Restaurant As People Eat

[[contentId: 2468812| | size: 75]]

3. Good Guy Takes Drunk Drivers Keys Right Out OF The Car!

[[contentId: 2615608| | size: 75]]

4. Drunk Driver Leaves A Path Of Destruction: All Caught On Camera

[[contentId: 2801449| | size: 75]]

5. Drunk Driver Rams Pole, Passes Out As Police Apprehend Him

[[contentId: 2877607| | size: 75]]