BreakFeed: 7 Sexiest Russian Politicians Facing U.S. Sanctions

If this is a new Cold War, then why are they so damn hot?

7. Valentina Matviyenko

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Valentina Matviyenko is the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Russia’s third-highest elected office. But as you can probably tell, she’s #1 with the boys around St. Petersburg!

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6. Leonid Slutsky

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Leonid Slutsky is Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Commonwealth of Independent States. He’s also got a chiseled jawline that makes the Russian girls weak in the knees.

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5. Vladislav Surkov

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Russian businessman and politician Vladislav Surkov has left his “mark” on Russia’s system of managed democracy. But that beauty “mark” is what we’re most interested in!

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4. Sergey Glazyev

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Economist and politician Sergey Glazyev’s sexy hairdo used to rev engines from Moscow to Manchester. But thanks to US and EU sanctions, his sex appeal may be waning a bit in the West.

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3. Andrei Klishas

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Andrei Klishas is on the board of directors of Interros, a Russian Conglomerate. But thanks to his sexy widow’s peak and five o’clock shadow, all the ladies want him in their “Duma.”

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2. Yelena Mizulina

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Parliamentarian Yelena Mizulina has been instrumental in blocking foreigners from adopting Russian children. And with a MILF like Yelena around, it’s hard to justify the need for any other moms!

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1. Dmitry Rogozin

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Dmitry Rogozin is the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in charge of the defense industry. That, along with his Slavic good looks, explains why all the ladies want show him their Kalashnikovs.

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