8 Romance Novel Covers Recreated By Regular People

Who needs washboard abs and enormous melons on the cover of their romance novels? Sure Fabio looks great clutching a buxom vixen, but a pale chubby guy named Dale could also do the job. Let’s not discriminate, especially when us “normals” also want a shot at posing together all sexy in seductive, passionate embraces.  The folks over at Cosmo decided to find out exactly what this would look like by recreating romance novels with “regular” couples. (Yes the magazine your girlfriend gets with the “sex tips” that you pretend not to have read.) I might break out my beer belly and pose for one of these myself, who is with me?! I’m not sure if anyone still buys romance novels, but maybe these more realistic covers will help boost sales… or not, you be the judge.

1.  “Savage Thunder” Is About A Really Hard Rainstorm

2.  Both Fabio and Dan Know How To Handle Their Sword

3. She’s Actually Just Getting Her Hair Washed

4. “The Man Of My Dreams” Doesn’t Wear Pants Apparently

5.  From The Looks Of That Wave Let’s Hope The Gentle Rogue Can Swim
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6. I’m Guessing The People On The Right Would Have Allergies If They Went To That Field

7. “Brave The Wild Wind” Takes On New Meaning

8. This Book Should Be Called “Shirtless In Space.”

To see the rest of the covers, check them out at Cosmopolitan.

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