8 Real Life Amazing Medieval Swords Of Battle!

During medieval times good knights and warriors always had a trusty blade.  In the epic new game “King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare” iconic swords like Excalibur are an important part of life. A good sword played a big part in heroic tales from myth and legend as well as real life battles. Here are some amazing yet real medieval swords of battle that may even rival that of King Arthur.

The Wallace Sword

Image via Wikipedia by Glenn J. Mason  

The Wallace Sword was used by Scottish Knight William Wallace during the Scottish fight against England in the Wars of Scottish Independence. A two handed sword, it dates back to the 13th Century and was used by Wallace in the Battle of Stirling in 1297 and the battle of Falkirk in 1298. Today you can see the mighty battle blade that is five feet, four inches in length hanging at the National Wallace Monument in Scotland.


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Joyeuse was the personal sword of Charlemagne AKA Charles The Great, the first Holy Roman Emperor. There are many legends around this blade with some saying that the blade was forged from the Lance of Longinus. An 11th Century song even celebrates the weapon;

“Charlemagne  was wearing his fine white coat of mail and his helmet with gold-studded stones; by his side hung Joyeuse, and never was there a sword to match it; its color changed thirty times a day.”

In later centuries the sword was used for ceremonies during the coronation of French Kings. This led to the addition of many different parts to the piece, but historians believe the main blade was made in the 9th century.

Curtana AKA  The Sword of Mercy

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Measuring 38 inches long this beautiful piece of weaponry dates back to the 13th century and was used primarily for coronations During the time of Henry III of England it was used for the coronation of Queen Eleanor of Provence in 1236. It is believed that this Curtana (coronation sword) was originally used by “Tristan” since the sword has a broken off end. As legend has it the knight Triastan broke off the end of this sword in the skull of Morholt, an Irish warrior..

Legbiter, Sword Of Magnus Barefoot

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Legbiter is the epic sounding sword that belonged to the King of Norway, Magnus III (AKA Magnus Barefoot) from 1093 to 1103. It had hand guards and cross bar were made of walrus ivory and featured gold around the haft. Legend says it was the sharpest of all words. Sadly it’s unique look had some drawbacks. Enemies of Norway were able to identify the king in battle and curing a war with Ireland the king was targeted and killed because of Legbiter.


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This sword is so amazing that it is magical. Well at least according to Icelandic literature and legend. The Danish King Hrólf Kraki was the first to wield this might blade which is said to get its power form he spirts of the king’s 12 “berserker bodyguards.” The legend also states that the sword is not to be drawn in the presence of women or let sun shine on its hilt. Sounds more like the sword of Count Dracula.

Colada and Tizona

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These two massive swords were once used by the Spanish military leader Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid. According to legend these weapons have the power to strike fear into the hearts of foes. The Tizona is on display at the Museum of Burgos with Coloda and other legendary relics of the great warrior El Cid. These masterpieces of weaponry were won in battle from the Count of Barcelona. Later the swords were give to his knights.


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Another sword of Charlemagne although this one according to The Song of Roland was given to him by an angel and contained the tooth of Saint. Peter, blood of Saint Basil, the hair of Saint Denis and a piece of the raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And like a lot of the swords on this list was known as the sharpest sword in existence. According to one legend Durandal was given to Roland who after a in the French town of Rocamadour through it into a Cliffside where you can see it embedded today.


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This is probably the most intense sword on this list. Zulfiqar is the legendary sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib who acquired it in the Battle of Uhud. While it has not survived the centuries (above picture is a replica) it is often depicted as scissor like double bladed sword.