Today in Florida: 72 Cats Rescued from Hoarder’s Home


The next time your roommate yells at you for not doing the dishes, just remind them that things could always be worse; at least you’re not a cat hoarder. At least the police and animal rescue teams don’t have to enter your home while wearing hazmat suits because the place is so disgusting. That’s exactly what happened to one Fort Myers Shores, Florida woman, Sandra Berkshire. After an anonymous tip, 72 cats were rescued from squalid conditions, living in stacks of cages, and burrowing through their own urine and feces.  While this sounds like the conditions of my dorm room sophomore year of college, this is no way to live for some cute cats that need a loving home.

Who is going to rescue the college students?

Local animal shelters are now overflowing with the cats that are being treated for medical issues. Neighbors of Berkshire came to her defense saying that they knew she had been taking in stray cats for the past ten years, but that her heart was in the right place. No one claims they knew that there was a hoarding problem, except I’m guessing whoever phoned in that anonymous tip to the police.  One neighbor Geof Greene told reporters he doesn’t think Animal Services should have taken away her “pets.”

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“She was taking care of the cats, she was feeding them every week – you could see all the bags of litter set out. So she’s looking after them, no matter how many were in there. She was on top of it,” Greene said.

Berkshire doesn’t like being labeled a hoarder either, she says she wanted to find homes for the cats but things got out of control.  No word on if she likes being labeled a crazy cat lady. She has plenty of company as in Lee Country Florida alone there are 52 known cases of hoarders. That’s like an entire season of the TV show Hoarders . Get your popcorn ready! On second thought, never eat while watching Hoarders. Trust me:

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